At Bang’s we believe in bringing the smoothest and best quality cannabis to an industry looking to us to implement our high standards - The Bang Standard.  We grow stellar marijuana. That is the basis of our company, and how we will succeed.


We take pride in doing our work the best that we can, until we know better, and then we will do it better.  Growth and change is a part of life and every industry.  Being comfortable with growth and expecting excellence out of ourselves and each other is how we will continue to be the best. We work hard to be our best, because we have pride in our work and are passionate about our product from start to finish.


If you're ready, we'll welcome you to the beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition


Gardner position

The Gardener is responsible for the plants and understands the care it takes to develop their full potential.


processor position

The Processor is responsible for the BANG product - ensuring that every jar, joint and package that leaves Bang’s is exactly what we’d want to smoke ourselves.